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reiki training

Reiki training should not be approached lightly as it can have a transforming effect on your life in many ways.
If you feel stuck in a rut in your life then Reiki training may be the way forward. Many people have started their Reiki journey to find that it has changed their life completely.
Anyone can train to do Reiki on themselves and others you do not need to have any healing experience. If you already are using hands on therapies’ then Reiki will support and enrich these therapies’.
Reiki is a safe, natural therapy that promotes healing on all levels. Reiki is used throughout the world to promote health and personal development.
Reiki will change your life ARE YOU READY?
At all levels of Reiki training the following requirements will be meet.
1. Instruction manual will be supplied.
2. Course certificate will be supplied.
3. Arrangements’ for ongoing mentoring /support.
4. Opportunities’ for development including attending Reiki shares.
5. Awareness of UK Reiki federation code of ethics .

Reiki levell 1
This a 2 day course starting at 10am and finishing at 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

Reiki level one will give you the ability to perform Reiki on yourself family and friends, also show you many other fascinating ways you can use Reiki to enhance your everyday life.

Course content.
1. Explanation of Reiki and how it works.
2. Practical uses of Reiki.
3. Reiki history
4. The Reiki principles.
5. Guidelines for self treatment.
6. Guidelines for treatment for others.
7. Practice sessions.
8. I offer a further morning session included in the price for practice and questions 2 weeks after your course.

Cost £100.00.

reiki level 2
Reiki level 2 is a 2 day course starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm. Lunch and refreshments are included in the price.
Reiki level 2 is for students who have already completed level 1. It is considered to be practitioner levels were by you can offer your services for a fee to the public.
Level 2 give you the use of the 3 Reiki symbols that are the keys to unlock more effective energy and help you choose which aspect or quality of the energy you wish to use for a particular situation
. Reiki level 2 will give you the ability to send Reiki through time and space for distance healing.
Reiki level 2 often increases your intuition and psychic awareness.
Course content.
1. Review of prior learning and development.
2. The symbols meanings and uses.
3. How to activate the symbols.
4. Distance healing and it application.
5. Practical ways to send distance healing.
6. Creating a healing space.
7. Mental/emotional treatment.
8. Chakra balancing.
9. Healing and our obligation to the public.
10. Healing and the law.
11. Uk Reiki federation code of ethics.
I offer a further morning of practice and question and answerer session 2 weeks after you have completed level 2 at no extra charge.
Cost of course £140.00


enjoying lunch at reiki workshop

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