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Psychic Readings

I have offered psychic readings for many years now, mainly using Tarot cards. Psychic readings provide a valuable insight into your personal problems, and can help you to reach a resolution.

Many people find a psychic reading really helps with issues concerning love, relationships, money, health and work. We all need a little peace of mind, and a reading can really help put all the pieces back together.

Personal Readings
Personal readings usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour, and take into account your immediate past, the present and the near future.

Telephone Readings
When a personal visit isn't possible, I also offer psychic readings over the telephone. I find that I can connect just as well with a client by talking to them as I can face to face, so distance needn't be an issue. In fact I have many clients all over the world.

Shamanic Readings
Shamanic readings are a wonderful way to gain a unique insight into your personality profile, according to your date of birth.

I can give you an insight into many aspects of your personality, such as what career you are best suited to and who you are most compatible with.

It is believed that elements of plant, animals and birds all give you an insight into your unique personality. Yours strengths and weaknesses are highlighted, along with your conscious aims and subconscious desires. A truely fascinating experience.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy is the reading and balancing of a person's Chakras and Auras, by identifying and correcting deficiencies in the body's energy systems. This method of healing has been practiced for thousands of years mainly by the mystics of Asia.

Disclaimer: Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings & spellwork are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'. All of my many readings are aimed at being helpful to my clients. Please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision. You need to be over 18 to use this service


Member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (Membership No: FM101011/1349)

Certified Level 3 Member, Aura Soma, Reg No: 15849

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